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Chelsea Football Tickets

Chelsea Football Club (founded in 1905), are based at their Stamford Bridge ground, located in Fulham, London. They are positioned in the Premier League, run and managed by José Mourinho, a former football player and Portuguese football manager.

Chelsea Football Club (commonly known as "The Blues" or "The Pensioners"), have been cited as one of the best and most successful football teams in English football, having won numerous league championship titles, FA cups, League Cups and FA Community Shields. They have also won the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup.

Chelsea football tickets, for home matches, vary, depending on a number of factors (i.e. area of the stadium, opposing team, type of competition). The four major stands (East and West Stands, Shed End (South) and Matthew Harding Stand (North)), are split into areas with ticket prices broken down by type of ticket: Adult Member Adult General Sale Junior/Senior Member Junior/Senior General Sale

For example, Chelsea football tickets for one adult non-member and one junior non-member would cost £64 and £27.50 respectively, for seating in the East Upper area, when playing at home against "Category AA" teams (e.g. Manchester United) in the Premier League. The remaining categories are "Category A" (e.g. Newcastle) - priced at £56.00 and £26.00 respectively and "Category B" (e.g. Southampton) - priced at £51.00 and £26.00 respectively.

A seating plan is available on their official website, as well as available to download.

In addition, Chelsea football tickets are also available for their Champions League matches (from group stages through to quarter final and semi-final matches), the FA Cup, and the League Cup.

Season tickets are obviously also available, and again vary depending on what area you wish to be in the stands. Two price structures exist, one for Adults (e.g. £750 for a season ticket in the Matthew Harding stand, lower area) and one for Senior Citizens/Juveniles (£380 for the same area as described above). Prices range from £595 through to £1,250 for adults, and £285 through to £485 for Senior Citizens/Juveniles.

Finally, and in addition to the above, Chelsea fans can purchase a "True Blue Membership" package (for a particular season), again broken down into a range of flexible packages, depending on cost and what you want out of your membership. For example, you can purchase a priority ticket only package (£25.00), or the full works ("True Blue Original"), including priority ticket access, monthly magazine and membership pack (£45.00).

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Liverpool F.c. The Season In Review liverpool's Quest

The 2014-15 season ended in disappointment because they finished in 6th place; that season began with promise, but the sale of Luis Suarez proved fatal and the campaign was not what many fans expected. Nevertheless, the 2015-16 brings new hope and belief, Liverpool fans will be hoping for a strong season - one laden with promise and intrigue. Brendan Rodgers has invested heavily in his front line and has also bolstered his defense by making some quality signings in a huge effort to boost sales of Liverpool fc tickets.

Ultimately, Liverpool will be successful this season if their new signings gel with the rest of the team; working as a unit and not as individuals will benefit their push for a top-four place. The Liverpool fans have been waiting patiently for a trophy for over 3 years now and are itching to get their hands on a bit of silverware.

It's best to preview some of the new signings first to see what they are bringing to the club:

(1) First the big Belgian forward Christian Benteke - He was such a hit at Aston Villa and Liverpool really needed a striker of his stature. His ability and composure in front of goal is incredible and his hunger to find the back of the net is incomparable. Moreover, the Belgian provides real aerial presence in the box and can really header a ball. Anfield needs a striker who can score 20 plus goals a season and Liverpool have not invested £32.5 million likely; he can deliver and all expect him to deliver.

(2) Roberto Firmano is another industrious and skillful forward, who was bought from German side Hoffenheim. The Brazilian international brings something different to the Liverpool attack and is renowned for his kind nature and positive attitude. Following the departure of Mario Balotelli, Liverpool need a striker who keeps their head down and works hard for the club, players and the fans. Liverpool fans and non-Liverpool fans really want this guy to be a hit at Anfield and if he shows the endeavor he did at Hoffenheim, then he is sure to succeed.

(3) Nathaniel Clyne was purchased from Southampton for £12.5 million in July of 2015, signing a 5-year deal in the process. Clyne is a pacey right back who is famed for his speed and wing work, but also for his defensive capabilities. He broke into the England squad in November of 2014 and really has shown what a good player he is since joining Liverpool. It is wholly apparent that Clyne moved to Liverpool with the view that he would be winning trophies and this is seen in his mentality week in, week out.

Other Players that Will Influence Liverpool's Season

Liverpool will be relying on Phillipe Coutinho to provide the skillful attacking edge, Martin Skrtel to be a rock in defense and Simon Mignolet to provide a cleansheet in goal; this will hopefully be the bedrock of their quest for glory!

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Things You Should Know About Making Money at Horse Racing

When it comes to making money in the popularly known handicapping horse races there are helpful fundamental guidelines that one must learn to make profits. Do not wait to lose money and learn how to follow the rules the hard way, acquire this basic knowledge early and enjoy making money with horse racing. The following are simple rules that you need to learn and practice if you intend to make money with horse racing betting.

The first and most critical rule is to ensure you have a good money management plan. Always remember that no matter how good you are at horse racing bets or how good your horse racing systems are, a poor money management plan leads to failure. Money management can be assumed to be a boring thing that cannot be applied in gambling but that is not true. To make money in any venture including horse racing money management and controlling the money you invest is of major importance. To have a controlled money management plan, you need to make a good plan and follow it to the letter. If you create a loss limit and a game limit where you will have to stop at a certain point depending on what you have made or lost stick to that plan. Repeat the same procedure of money management and it will soon become a good habit. In addition, remember that money management also includes investing what you can afford to lose in each game and considering what you have in your bank account.

When betting on horse racing, always keep your mind sober, ready and relaxed. Great horse racing systems may be able to make you great profits but you will fail if you are emotional and unstable when betting. Prepare yourself psychologically before you start the game. If you want to stay sober and without suffering any confusion, adopt the good habits of keeping notes. Keep good notes on everything you are doing and what you intend to do. How many bets are you willing to place, how have you done in your last 10 bets? This not only helps you to stay alert but also helps you on keeping track of your money. You will also know when you need to relax after placing a certain number of bets. Your body gets exhausted at a certain point and you will need to rest. By keeping notes soon you will realize at what time you need to rest and it will be easy to stop when need be. If you do not take time to relax, you are prone to making wrong decisions and losing all what you have worked hard for.

Lastly, ensure you have the best horse racing systems. When you have a good platform and a clear understanding of the game you will make money with ease. Horse racing is a great venture that is capable of making you pretty of cash if you are ready to learn and follow the rules as explained above.
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